Welcome to my dev notes.

I will use this to post findings, bug fixes, and here and then cross-post all my contributions to dev.to, youtube, twitch, medium etc. here.

Latest from the Blog

“terraform” will damage your computer. You should move it to Bin.

Not the best warning my MacBook showed yesterday, refusing to run terraform init on the just-cloned project. Here’s how I got to the solution of reinstalling Terraform and why it was necessary. Long story short: Delete and reinstall the software (terraform in this case) to use it again with e.g.brew uninstall terraform brew install terraform…

Switch the java version on your mac

You can switch your Java version on your Mac by following these steps: Note: These steps will only set the Java version for the current terminal session. If you want to permanently set the Java version, you will need to add the export command to your shell configuration file (e.g. ~/.bashrc or ~/.zshrc).

How to contribute to the jHipster-generator

1. Fork the repositoryGo on jhipster/generator-jhipster: JHipster is a development platform to quickly generate, develop, & deploy modern web applications & microservice architectures. (github.com) and click on Fork on the right corner on top of the page. 2. Open jHipster in your favorite environment git clone https://github.com/SandraAhlgrimm/generator-jhipster.gitcode generator-hipsteror open the repository in GitHub Codespaces. I…

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